Case Study: Modern Family Garden Design


This academic project has as a client a stylish and well-groomed woman in her forties, who seeks to breathe life into her outdoor space. With a household that includes her husband and three energetic teenage boys, they envision a garden that perfectly balances recreation and relaxation.

Project Background:

The garden, a new build, is bordered by one-meter-high unplastered block walls on all sides, except for the northern boundary where a charming one-meter-high wooden picket fence stands. The prevailing wind from the east poses a considerable influence on the garden’s microclimate.

With the garden’s lighting infrastructure yet to be installed, we have the freedom to strategically place lighting elements to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.


This project’s challenge lies in creating a multifunctional outdoor space that accommodates the diverse interests of the family:

The matriarch of the family has an aspiration to cultivate her own vegetables and is an amateur flower arranger with an innate passion for colour and vibrant plant life. The eldest son, a college student, cherishes his time at home, especially practising golf with his father. Meanwhile, the two younger children are avid football enthusiasts, though their local playing field is inconveniently located miles away.

Concept Development:

Designed with a focus on geometric precision this modern and sophisticated garden was designed for the Cole family. The centrepiece of this garden is an elegant fountain, which not only adds a touch of luxury but also illuminates the surroundings enhancing the sense of space in this contemporary setting.

To optimize the garden’s functionality, I strategically divided the space into smaller, intimate sections, each uniquely tailored to cater to the individual hobbies and interests of the family members. This thoughtful approach ensures that every corner of the garden serves a distinct purpose, harmoniously blending leisure and passion:

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a modern garden tailored to your preferences? Contact me today, and let’s bring your dream garden to life.

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