My passion lies in capturing the essence of time and place through my artwork. Drawing serves as a record of my experiences, and my work is a unique blend of photography and urban sketching. I draw inspiration from my travels and backpacking adventures, which have taken me to many awe-inspiring locations.

With art, I can tell the stories of the people I meet and the places I encounter. My sketches are often created on location, capturing the essence of what I see through direct observation. I take these initial drawings and later digitally reconstruct and recolor them, sharing them with the world on this platform and also on my Instagram page @kanieman

Some of my original sketches I’ve gifted to people I’ve met along the way, while others remain unfinished, awaiting the right inspiration to take hold. This yearning, which we refer to as “saudade” in Portuguese, is a feeling of nostalgia for something or someone we miss. As a Brazilian, this word holds a special place in my heart and inspires me to create and share my art with the world.

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