Case Study: Modern Small Garden Design


For the redesign of this small garden my goal was to create a sense of privacy using a zigzag guideline that creates enclosed areas still to be discovered.

Project Background:

Exploring a design that comprises more hardscape than plantscape the goal is to make the construction deliberately simple, using brick walls and timber as main materials to a built-in integrated unit that connects the decking, water feature, arbour and seating area. Colour is used to create a modern but contrasting visual effect, the white with the wooden creates a sophisticated and calming feeling, some bursts of a bright cool blue breaking up and connect the whole space.

Concept Development:

To create a modern feeling a diagonal grid held the garden structure followed by large diagonal boxwood hedges that guide and induce slow movement within the garden. This will help to create moments of disruption and continuity that are emphasized with slight changes in levels throughout the wooden walkway and also prevents the eye from leaping to the far edge of the garden, tricking into believing that the space is large than it is.

The walkway is composed of two different paths: one made of concrete steps leading to the garden shed located end of the garden, and a second made of wood decking to connect the house to the patio, this one is built on a different level, one step up.


The area is surrounded by raised beds, staggered wooden planters, and planting behind the seats, which also may be lifted to access storage areas beneath. There are spaces for different crops, like salad, tomatoes beans and beetroot, also two sturdy upper shelves to hold terracotta pots of herbs such as rosemary parsley.

The raised beds are combined with other borders and beds at ground level to create certain dynamism to the design. Japanese skimmia grown in containers The main border is located at the left side of the house and is made of low growing shrubs. At the bottom of the garden plants create a dense evergreen screen for privacy and noise reduction from the street.

The water feature has several aesthetic functions in this garden, it connects the geometrically diagonal lines, providing a soothing sound of water spout while creates a mirror for everything around it. in a channel style, it runs beneath the walkpath providing a visual link to it.

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