Communal gardens: redesigning of a seating area.

Seeking to re-imagine how we use some of the spaces around my area, I sought an opportunity to practice the redesign of an empty space in my block of flats parking lot that is in yearning for a makeover!

The “garden” is fenced with a single entrance, surrounded by a shed for bins. Trees punctuate the landscape, and gravel covers the centre. Yet, the space feels uninviting and cold, even during summer with the trees in their best shape.

Notably, the lack of planned plantings casts a brown palette and the absence of a deliberately hard landscape makes this space almost unnoticed. The single entrance restricts movement, and the garden’s potential for relaxation remains untapped.

If I had the chance to redesign, I would start by changing the entrances, adding two at the edges and connecting them with a central path. This would create an inviting flow and a purposeful passage with an ivy-covered pergola that would provide shade on sunny days and light during the night [1].

Moodboard of elements in the garden by_kanieman

To address the lack of colour, a low-maintenance gravel terrain with light colour stones would bring vibrancy [2]. Grass between the stones would infuse greenery.

Finally, the addition of a central furniture piece will redefine the garden’s functionality. [3] Combining a bench and cachepot, this multifunctional element will host a variety of edible and ornamental plants. [4] Not only will this change elevate the aesthetic appeal, but it will also create a space that serves all residents, fostering a sense of community.

Concept Sketch by_kanieman

By: Karine Nieman

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