Gallery: Growing organic

Honour the Earth and our connection with it
Feed the soil with compost and manures
Welcome earthworms, ladybugs & praying mantises
Mulch with wood chips, leaves, and straw
Work with weather
Use simple tools
Practice companion planting
Be humble ~ Be empowered
Discourage pests with barriers, traps, decoys
Avoid synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides
Record planting dates & outcomes year to year
Rotate crops ~ Rest the earth
Eat local & regional food in season
Shop at food co-ops, CSAs, and farmer’s markets
Oppose corporate control of seeds
Beware of greenwash
Make outrageous salads
Stay informed about food issues
Understand organic is more than a certification
Share the harvest
Put food together
Savor the abundance
Know food, know freedom
Give thanks

Text: SCW

These photographs were taken on a small family farm in Portugal.
The family grows different kinds of vegetables, all organic and biological, also beautiful flowers and local honey.
For on purchasing the products or if you’re interested in visit the farm feel free to contact me.

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